Business Research Reports

Schonfeld & Associates (SAI) Business Research Reports offer up-to-the-minute data for managers seeking a competitive advantage:

  • What’s my competitor spending on advertising?
  • How much is their team putting into R&D?
  • Which competitor has the best financial performance?
  • How can we optimize our budget where others are weak?
  • What new ventures are likely to take off?
  • Whom can the CEO believe when it comes to funding a new project?
  • How creditworthy is our new business partner?
  • What is the average level for SG&A spending in my industry?

Answers to these types of critical questions are why for over 40 years SAI Business Research Reports have been used by the best companies in the world to stay leaders.

Explore all the titles under our various areas of expertise. Click on the report of your choice to get full information and view a sample page. Then place your order for immediate online download or hard-copy delivery of the data that can keep you way ahead of the pack.

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SAIBooks Highlights

Our newest series of reports SG&A Benchmarks by Industry Sector now includes eleven industry sectors available for download.

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Advertising-to-Sales ratios from Advertising Ratios & Budgets for the 200 largest industries are featured in Advertising Age and BtoB.

Annual Global R&D Funding Forecast, in R&D Magazine, references R&D Ratios & Budgets.

Workforce information, found in Workforce Ratios & Forecasts, featured in the Controllers Report.

Corporate Credit Outlook reports reliable measures of current and future creditworthiness. Subscribe to Credit Risk Watch for highlights updated monthly.

31st edition of IRS Corporate Financial Ratios is available. 32nd edition expected early 2018.

Check out the just updated Industry Spotlight and Industry Spotlight on Sub-S Corporations, customized for your industry, as seen in Entrepreneur as well as Success Magazine.