Workforce Productivity

Schonfeld & Associates publishes two titles reporting employee headcounts and productivity annually. The employment data are reported by individual companies and industry group. Number of employees, as well as sales and gross margin, are as reported in annual filings with the SEC.

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Workforce Ratios & Forecasts reports an estimate for the current year, a forecast for the coming year and historical figure for last year.

Workforce Growth Trends reports five historical years of headcounts and inflation adjusted sales.

2018 editions of all titles are available now.

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Workforce Growth Trends


This study contains an analysis of workforce levels and inflation adjusted sales over five years with share of workforce and inflation adjusted sales as well as real growth rates. Relative employee effectiveness is shown comparing the company’s sales per

Workforce Ratios & Forecasts


Covered in this annual study are over 6,100 companies and 390 industries. Presented for each company is historical 2017 headcount, 2018 sales per employee and gross margin per employee, as well as 2018 and 2019 forecasted headcount and growth rates in emp