Research & Development Spending

Schonfeld & Associates publishes a series of titles reporting R&D expenditures annually. Click on the name of the report of your choice to get full information and view a sample page.

R&D expenditures are reported by individual companies and industry group. R&D spending is as reported in annual filings with the SEC. R&D Intensity is the ratio of R&D spending to sales, indicating corporate reinvestment.

R & D Ratios & Budgets reports an estimate for the current year, a forecast for the coming year and historical figure for last year.

U.S. Sourcebook of R & D Spenders is a directory of companies that spend on research & development. It contains for each company an estimate for the current year R&D budget as well as corporate contact information.

Research & Development Growth Trends reports five historical years of inflation adjusted spending.

2018 editions of all titles are available now.

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R & D Ratios & Budgets


This vital report covers over 3,600 companies and 260 industries with historical 2017 R&D budgets, 2018 R&D-to-sales ratios and R&D-to-gross margin ratios, as well as 2018 and 2019 budget forecasts and growth rates.

Research & Development Growth Trends


Based on publicly owned corporations, this study is organized by SIC and alphabetically by company name within each SIC.

U.S. Sourcebook of R & D Spenders


A directory of publicly owned corporations that spend on R&D. Corporate name, address, telephone number and website are provided along with the names and titles of three senior executives.