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Workforce Ratios & Forecasts

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Covered in this annual study are over 6,300 companies and 400 industries. Presented for each company is historical 2016 headcount, 2017 sales per employee and gross margin per employee, as well as 2017 and 2018 forecasted headcount and growth rates in employment and sales. Use it to track competition, justify head counts, screen potential acquisitions, and set manpower budgets. Includes industry and company rankings and data on over 400 non-U.S. headquartered companies. Bought by human resource personnel, recruiters, placement directors and corporate libraries. Published June 2017.

The two database files are in Excel format, one containing information by company and the other information by SIC industry code.

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Table of Contents
Companies by Industry Class and SIC Number
Top 1,000 Companies by No. of Employees
Top 1,000 Companies by Employment Growth Rate
Companies Alphabetically by Company Name
Industry Composites by Industry Class
Industry Composites by No. of Employees
Industry Composites by Employment Growth Rate
Industry Composites Alphabetically by Industry Name