SG&A Benchmarks - Industrials

SG&A Benchmarks - Industrials
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SG&A Benchmarks - Industrials from Schonfeld & Associates, Inc. provides SG&A spending information for 620 publicly traded companies in fourteen industries within the industrials sector. Of these companies, 110 are non-U.S. headquartered. SG&A expenses are composed of all the commercial expenses of operation incurred in the regular course of business pertaining to the securing of operating income. Frequently SG&A to Sales ratios are used to judge overhead or cost of sales.

The industry sector summary displays median SG&A to Sales ratio by industry as well as 10 and 90 percentile values to give an idea of the range of values reported by firms within the industry. The tables by individual industry present SG&A as a percentage of sales and the annual percentage growth in SG&A spending as well as in sales for each company within the industry. Comparing the growth rate of SG&A expenses and sales gives a snapshot of where the profitability of the firm may be heading. The firms are presented in three groups as defined by sales of less that $100 million, sales between $100 million and $1 billion, and sales of more than $1 billion.

Two sets of industry tabulations are presented. Alphabetical order by company name aids in locating a firm. Order by SG&A to Sales ratio showcases the leaner and meaner firms in each category. Published November 2016.

This report will benefit corporate staff, financial analysts, investment professionals, lenders, M&A advisors, appraisers and industry consultants.

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Sector Summary

Industry tables:
Aerospace & Defense
Building Products
Construction & Engineering
Electrical Equipment
Industrial Conglomerates
Trading Companies & Distributors
Commercial Services & Supplies
Professional Services
Air Freight & Logistics
Road & Rail
Transportation Infrastructure
Vendor Information