Industry Spotlight - Individual Title

Industry Spotlight - Individual Title
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An excellent source of competitive financial intelligence. This individualized reference features selected items from the balance sheet and income statement information of corporate tax returns filed with the Internal Revenue Service by companies in any one of over 251 industries. Seventeen key financial ratios are also included. Two pages are presented for each of eleven different size classes based on total assets so that a businessperson can see exactly what the competition's books look like. Information for profitable companies is shown as well as that for unprofitable firms to aid in comparison. The current edition was produced April 2016.

Balance sheet items include: total assets, cash, accounts receivable, inventory and accounts payable. Income statement values include: receipts, cost of goods sold, salaries and wages, employee benefit expense, officer compensation, bad debts, rent expense, interest expense as well as net income.

Financial ratios include: inventory to sales turnover, inventory to costs turnover, gross margin, net margin, days accounts receivable outstanding, days payable, days working capital, days inventory, effective tax rate, tax credit use, and Z-score corporate credit worthiness. The value of each ratio for the most recent past year is also displayed to give an indication how much the value has increased or decreased within the most recent past tax year. Definitions and guides to interpreting the ratios are provided.

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