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Advertising Growth Trends (Book & Database)

Advertising Growth Trends (Book & Database)

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Gives information on publicly owned corporations that spend on advertising.  The study is organized by SIC and alphabetically by company name within each SIC.  Each company's historical information includes:  advertising spending for each of the last five calendar years expressed in constant 1990 dollars, percent of advertising in relation to total spending by all companies within the same SIC, inflation adjusted sales for each of the last five years and the percent share of sales over the SIC.  The average annual percent change within the five year period in ad spending, sales and ad shares are also displayed.   Measures of profitability and effectiveness of the company's advertising expenditures are shown with What-If Scenarios and Management By Objective values for the next calendar year.  A true picture of competition, advertising and market shares by company and industry.

The three database files are in Excel format, one containing information by company, one by SIC industry code and one by industry sector.

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